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Article What is a CMS application?
A content management system (or CMS) is designed to simplify the publication of web content to web sites, allowing content creators to submit...
Views: 2515
Article What is a Server Log?
A server log is is a file, or several files that are automatically created and maintained by a server. It is a record of the activity performed by...
Views: 1689
Article What are the requirements for registering a .au domain name?
In accordance with Australian Domain Name Policy, to be eligible to register a or domain name, registrants must be one of the...
Views: 1399
Article What is a WYSIWYG Editor?
(What You See Is What You Get) A content editing interface that allows site editors to apply advanced formatting using a MS Word type menu bar....
Views: 1328
Article What is a TLD?
TLD is short for Top-Level Domain and refers to the last portion of Internet Domain Names. For example, the domain name DOMAINNAME.COM is part of...
Views: 1276

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